What We’re Doing

Through a grassroots effort in selected states — online and in-person — the Fail First message of poor outcomes, inefficiencies, and higher costs will be conveyed to the following people:

Physicians and physician office staff
Patient and caregiver advocacy groups
Local, county and state health and health outreach agencies, including NGOs
Local, county and state elected officials with responsibility for and an interest in constituent health and health outcomes
Pharmacists and pharmacy managers


Folks will be mobilized to communicate their support for legislation outlawing Fail First.  Their message will be directed to:

State elected officials and staffers (legislators and governor)
State-level committees and committee staffers
Conventional media (television, newspaper, radio, magazines)
Unconventional media (bloggers, discussion boards)


Offline implementation will be achieved through patient events that are interactive seminars and activity sessions designed to educate and inform.  Participants will be briefed on blogging and communication tactics as well as how Fail First affects them and their family.  A physician and other experts such as exercise and nutrition speakers may also participate.  The events will be structured to attract media attention.

Legislative visits will include physician as well as patient/caregiver trips to state capitols while the legislature is in session.  Participants will be briefed and led by a GHLF Fail First education specialist.

Download the updated fact sheet about Fail First and what you can do to help

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