Chantelle’s Story

Living with rheumatoid arthritis for many years, Chantelle in Boston, MA has experienced the consequences of Fail First policies first hand. Passing bill H791 can help regulate and reduce the impact of Step Therapy.

Janet S’s Story

Janet was refused a prescription of Savella. Her pharmacy filled Effexor in place of the Savella that was prescribed for her fibromyalgia.

Heather G’s Story

Heather spent TWO YEARS in physical therapy that didn’t work for her. Begging for an MRI, she was told it was unreasonable. When she finally got the MRI, only then did she find out she needed surgery. The step therapy only continued from there.

Paul G’s Story

After going through step therapy, Paul started the US Pain Foundation. He is still unsure if more damage has been done to him from his disease, or the fail first system he had to go through.


Have you fallen victim to Fail First practices by your insurance company? Has your doctor written you a prescription, only for you to learn that your insurance company mandates you try an older drug first? We want to hear your story. Share your story and help us paint a more complete picture of Fail First and its impact on you, the patient.

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